Who is the EPA?

The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is the internal incorporated body for practitioners of the Universal Medicine Therapies, that lead with a standard of professionalism and integrity exemplary in the healthcare industry. This could not be possible without the standard to which the EPA membership demonstrates a truly complementary relationship between practitioners of healing and medical professionals working together for the benefit of all. 


Members of the EPA meet the standards of integrity and professionalism as represented in the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct. Membership is reviewed by the EPA on an annual basis and is not a paper exercise of qualifications held or workshops attended, alone. Whilst technical skills and prowess are undoubtedly important, the EPA assessment process is of the individual member’s level of commitment and responsibility to the principles enshrined in the EPA Code of Ethics and, as a necessary corollary to this, their commitment to the community/public who receive their services. Hence EPA Membership is a statement that the member lives and represents the standard set by the EPA. It is a measure of trust and assurance for the public.

The EPA consists of an international membership who either join the EPA as Practitioners in recognition of the Association’s utmost integrity in the arena of complementary therapies, or, who join as Professional Members who may not practice directly a healing therapy, however, equally bring forth the principles that found the EPA into their professional industries. As a result of the beneficial impact such EPA members bring through to their varying professions, the EPA also consists of Associate members whom are inspired to be a part of an association that delivers a way of true healing, care and integrity in service.


As such, our membership includes complementary health practitioners, nurses, doctors, midwives, teachers, bankers, bricklayers, lawyers, stay at home mothers and fathers, web developers, CEOs, school students, surgeons, psychologists, shop assistants, dentists and civil servants for example, unified in their commitment to live the founding principles of the EPA.


These unifying principles upon which the EPA is founded are outlined in the EPA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct, a reflection of a living and evolving way of life that places at the forefront of every action the integrity of the quality of the person expressing. Lived without distinction, the Code of Ethics and Conduct reflects the potential for the harmonious relationship between people from all walks and professions in life, living with the responsibility of knowing that everything we do, say and think affects all around us.

The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.


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