Gyl Rae

Profession: Visiting Arts Teacher, Primary Schools

Qualifications/Experience: BA Hons Fine Art, PGDE Secondary Education, DIP Personal Training & Sports Therapy, DIP Nutrition, Instructor for the NHS Scottish Mental Health First Aid for Young People, Yoga Teacher, Swimming Teacher

Location: Angus, Scotland

Why I joined the EPA

Joining the EPA is a commitment from me to live to the best of my abilities their Code of Ethics, because I deeply care about and love people and know for a fact, that the EPA Code of Ethics, is an absolute world first, there is nothing like this out there, that asks people to truly live all of the time with such high levels of energetic responsibility, energetic integrity, deep care, commitment and love for self and all other equally, for the true purpose to serve those who need it.

Web: gylrae.co.uk

Jane Keep

Profession: Leadership, Coaching and Health and Wellbeing Consultant

Qualifications/Experience: Phd - Developing Self-care at work, Mphil in critical Management Studies, MSc in human resource development, Diploma in Health Coaching, Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology, Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Human Resource Development, Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Fellow of Chartered Management Institute, Member of the Institute of Directors

Location: London

What being a 'Practitioner of Life' means to me

As a Practitioner of Life I am learning to work and live to the deepest level of integrity and responsibility, knowing that everything I do, say, think has a ripple effect that can harm, or heal.  I love people, love work, and love working with people from all sectors of business and industry in London and the UK.

Web: theleadersleader.org

Jane Torvaney

Profession: Physiotherapist

Qualifications/Experience: Diploma in physiotherapy, Postgraduate diploma lower limb biomechanics, Graduate of school of structural Integration

Location: Scotland

What being a 'Practitioner of Life' means to me

It means that I understand that through my choices each moment in my life counts towards bringing healing or harm to the world.

Web: structuralharmony.co.uk

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