Carmin Hall

Profession: Optometrist

Qualifications/Experience: Bachelor of Optometry

Location: Sydney

What being a 'Practitioner of Life' means to me

I am coming to understand that life cannot be compartmentalised into work, home, leisure, etc. How I live and the choices I make in one part affect all others - it is all one life.


Gabrielle Caplice & Annette Baker

Profession: Relationship Counsellors, Consultants and Presenters of Health in Hospitality

Qualifications/Experience: 65 years between them in Fine Dining. Annette: Grad.Dip.Gestalt

Location: Vaucluse, Sydney

Why I joined the EPA?

To join the EPA for us is to be held by an association in life that aligns with the highest level of integrity, which is Energetic Integrity, and Energetic Responsibility. This sets the level for every expression and communication we have, not only in our work but it pervades and informs every aspect of our living, and therefore we are always in a process of constantly refining and developing.

Shushilla Boswell

Profession: Midwife, Nurse

Qualifications/Experience: Registered Midwife, Registered Nurse, Masters in Medical Education

Location: Parramatta, Sydney

What being a 'Practitioner of Life' means to me

Practitioner of Life to me is something that never ceases no matter where you are in your life, circumstances or age, just like being a forever student, we are forever Practitioners of Life - there is always more to do.

Additional EPA membership: Professional Practitioner Member of Universal Medicine Therapies

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