The EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct, The Esoteric Practitioner and Self Care

I have been a member of the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association (EPA) since its establishment in 2009. This association is unlike any other I have been associated with in all my 30 years of working in physiotherapy. The Code of Ethics and Conduct is the highest of any that I have seen. They are not just a set of guidelines to work by in whatever industry you are in, they are practical principles to live by to support you to live true to yourself in the most loving and caring way you can so that you can be that way with all others in your life.

The term Practitioner is not limited to someone working in traditional health care or complementary health care, it is all encompassing as a practitioner of life. This means this code of ethics is as important for a tradesperson, a cleaner, and a council worker, as it is for a university lecturer or a medical professional. The Esoteric Practitioner’s Code of Ethics and Conduct supports all equally to live in an energetically aware and responsible way for themselves and all others.

How the EPA has supported me

I live aligned to these principles and philosophy of the EPA to the best of my ability, and I have learnt that being a practitioner of life doesn’t end when you finish your day at work and get into the car to go home. It is a way of living.

It is about being aware of all that I do and say affects not only my body and my health, but also everyone else. Living with this energetic awareness means I don’t let unresolved issues and hurts from the past or present stew and fester in me – as that will be in my body as I talk to or work with a client. It is living with energetic responsibility so that I continue with my own self-growth and healing, to be as true to myself, and the love that I am for myself and others.

It is about living and applying this energetic awareness and energetic responsibility to all areas of my life equally. It is not just about putting on the professional manner and behaviour of a well-trained physiotherapist.

Through the practical wisdom, inspiration and truth offered to me by the EPA principles, I reflect deeply on the following questions:

  • Am I living in a self-caring and self-loving way so that I am steady in myself emotionally and I have a vital body that supports me to work purposeful long days without getting exhausted, so that in a full working day all of my clients get all of my care and attention equally, irrespective of whether they are the first client of the day or the last?

  • Is my body and manner naturally gentle and unimposing, so that I assist my clients' healing process with applying the esoteric modalities, but not direct this process and impose my ideals on how they should be, or how they should heal?

My awareness has gradually developed as I am living in a more self-caring way and reconnecting to being more naturally gentle. So now I don’t drive myself beyond what my body can cope with – whether at work or in the way I exercise or busying myself with my ‘to do‘ list. The EPA Code of Ethics and the general philosophies are the foundations of how I live in all areas of my life. Because of this, my body is far more vital, I am very steady emotionally,

and I have a lot more joy with work and in my personal life too.

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