How I Live the Principles of the EPA at Work

I work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in a busy public hospital. I am also a member of the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association (EPA). It is not often, if ever in fact, that we can say that being a member of an association is life changing, but this is exactly what being a member of the EPA is. Being a member of the EPA, you do not just pay your fees, you actively commit to living the principles of love, energetic integrity and energetic responsibility to the best of your ability.

So, how do I integrate the principles of love, energetic integrity and energetic responsibility whilst working on a busy ward in a hospital? It’s easy and it started with me learning to re-connect to my inner-heart, that place within us all, that for me is where I feel the divine spark of God that we all come from. This brings a tremendous sense of equality, where we know without a doubt that we are all equal and all the same on the inside, despite our differences on the outside. How this supports me at work is that I can work with anyone and everyone and know that they are just like me. This allows me to not be judgemental of people but instead appreciate them and support them to know that they can make different choices.

I connect to the fact that we are all equal, a great sense of purpose emerges. I work with people every day who are living less than who they truly are – whether it be lifestyle choices which harm their body, or hurts they are carrying which hold them back from expressing themselves in full. Supporting people to re-connect to their divine spark within is such a natural and normal impulse – one which brings joy to my work everyday.

This has totally changed the way I work and the reason why I work. My work now is never about ‘just going to work’, doing what I have to do and being relieved to go home at the end of the shift – that is what my life used to be like before I learnt about and committed to the principles enshrined in the EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct. Now I absolutely love going to work, I love connecting with people and I love being myself with people. I watch people open up to me because they feel that there is someone who genuinely wants to know them, who sees them for who they are and who is not judging them. In my experience I found that people have lost trust in each other, so simply saying hello and connecting with another makes a huge difference.

Energetic integrity and energetic responsibility are two of the guiding principles of the EPA and something that I live every day. I am responsible for the way that I live and how that impacts another. For example, if I am on a morning shift and I stay up late at night partying and turn up to work tired and grumpy then I am not being responsible for the energetic quality that I am bringing to work that day and it affects on everybody. This is where self-care comes in, and becomes a key factor in how I support myself at work. This requires me to develop a rhythm that allows me to do what I do. For example, my job is very physically demanding, and in order to do it I have to have a certain level of fitness. To support with this I have committed over many years to an exercise program that works for my body.

I also do a lot of shift work, and I have had to learn how to do this without it impacting my body and well-being. This requires me to work in a way that does not drain me, to not take things on, to have time at night before bed to wind down and not go to bed consumed by the activity of the day, and to eat according to what feels right for my body.

This is why I choose to not drink alcohol, or eat gluten, dairy and sugar as none of these foods/drinks support my body and my connection to the essence of me inside it.

Supporting myself in these ways allows me to work long hours and not get exhausted, and to do shift work without it in any way affecting me.

The EPA code of Ethics and Conduct is in this way a document whose living tenets are alive and supportive. They are not empty words that may sound great, but mean very little. When lived they are life changing, and continue to support me in my work in every way.

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