Living Professional Integrity in Dentistry

As a healthcare professional with 33 years clinical experience in general dentistry, including 10 years as an educator and examiner for the School of Dentistry and the Australian Dental Council, I have a longstanding interest in professional integrity standards within dentistry. Over the years, I have worked with many people who have been dedicated to serving humanity through dentistry either as practitioners and/or as educators.

I have been a member of the Australian Dental Association since graduating in 1982 and this membership provides many great services including professional support for its members, continuing education, social activities, representation within the political arena for healthcare reform as well as providing a forum for the continued evolution of the art and science of dentistry.

So why as a dentist would I choose to also become a member of the Esoteric Practitioner's Association?

This is an international association of people, including healthcare practitioners from both mainstream and complementary medicine who are committed to a way of living that firstly, does no harm to themselves or to others and secondly, is dedicated to building a foundation for true health and vitality for both patients and practitioners as well as being committed to health care reform for future generations. Their annual conferences (both Australia and the UK) provide valuable forums for lively debate on matters including public health strategies, illness rates of healthcare workers, healthcare reform, the scientific process and medical research.

The Esoteric Practitioner's Association Code of Ethics and Conduct provides a standard of personal responsibility and integrity that is beyond any standard that I have encountered within my profession or that of any other healthcare organisation. As a healthcare professional and educator, I have a duty of care to both myself and to my patients to ensure that I am providing the best possible standard of care, without compromising my own health.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct supports me in achieving this and provides an ongoing framework that is supportive for refining aspects of my lifestyle as required by changing circumstances, which is a commitment I embrace for the longevity of my professional career and the quality of service I give to patients and all parts of my life.

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