Integrated Healthcare in a post-Brexit UK: A Summary

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated Healthcare launched its first Consultation on Integrated Healthcare in the UK, covering many aspects of Complementary, Alternative and Integrated healthcare in order to produce a governmental report that will inform future decision making and guide the work of the group.

The Esoteric Practitioner's Association made a submission to this Consultation in March 2017, in support of true integrated healthcare where Western Medicine and Complementary medicine work together to provide a truly holistic form of patient care.

The remit was wide and varied – covering topics such as

  • safety and regulation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

  • hostility towards CAM

  • evidence-base for CAM

  • patient choice

  • opportunities for CAM

  • contribution of CAM

  • preventative healthcare

A word limit of 2500 for 25 questions meant answers were focused and brief.

The Esoteric Practitioner's Association highlighted its unique position, with an International Multidisciplinary Membership of representatives from Western Medicine and Complementary Medicine and a wide range of Allied Healthcare Professionals in recognition of the need for truly integrated and collaborative approaches to healthcare which understands that human beings are multidimensional beings.

Our report included the benefits of an existing model by those who attend and live the teachings of Universal Medicine and receive Universal Medicine Therapies for which the Esoteric Practitioner's Association offers Professional Practitioner Membership. The Esoteric Practitioner's Association emphasised the importance of personal responsibility for health through our daily lifestyle choices and inclusive of being equally guided by the wisdom of our own bodies in addition to our current understandings of physical well-being.

The submission further presented the need for a more expanded form of understanding of what constitutes ‘valid evidence’ that includes qualitative approaches, patient outcomes and the personal lived experience of the individual, whilst exposing the limitations, if not fallacy at times, of relying purely on the randomised controlled trial.

The Esoteric Practitioner's Association awaits the outcome of this wide-ranging consultation and to see if a potential opportunity of Brexit is freedom from EU regulation and restrictions regarding the use of CAM in UK and an open door to a more integrated approach to healthcare. Stay tuned for further articles in the coming weeks from this submission including - A True Approach to Health Care: Integration and Collaboration. - Integrated Health Care through Universal Medicine. - Health: Personal Responsibility and the Wisdom of our Body.

About the Author.. Eunice Minford is a Consultant General Surgeon, Presenter and a Self-care advocate. She blogs as The Soulful Doctor.

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