Energetic Integrity in the Public Service

As I write this, I have now been a member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) for just over a year, after having taken up the study of Universal Medicine a few months before that. It was a natural progression for me to join the Esoteric Practitioners Association as an associate member at that time, as an affirmation of the greater quality and higher standards I now choose to develop and live in all areas of my life, including at work.

I have worked as a public servant, or as some may prefer, civil servant, for just on 26 years, having started at the bottom of the bottom and slowly climbed the administrative ranks during that time. For the last 20 of those years I have worked in close relationship with numerous ministers and their staff, senior departmental executives, an array of project teams in my department and key senior figures outside the department, in a service-provider and liaison role that coordinates business for Cabinet, the state governor and the state parliament.

My job has long been and continues to be very demanding at times, charactised by complex procedures, tight and often impossible deadlines, high work load, long hours, political tensions and often shifting goal posts. While I have always been very successful in meeting these demands, due to the high standards I set myself and by looking after myself to some degree, until recently my job and workplace were often hard on me and in reality I was often merely coping and surviving the day-to-day stresses.

Eventually, about 10 years ago, I reached a point of burn-out and for some time was generally disengaged with life. Even though I continued to function and perform my work to that high standard, my relationships both personal and at work were lessened.

When I discovered the Esoteric Practitioners Association's Code of Ethics and Conduct last year, it was a great focus for me; a catalyst for me to commence what to date has been a major shift in understanding and reconfiguration of how and why I work in the job I’m in. The code is a significant, concise and self-contained document that addresses work esoterically, i.e. at the energetic level first, which if lived will transform work at the temporal or material level also.

The code highlights many things about our purpose and potential at work. What immediately stood out for me was Energetic Integrity, which is about the energetic qualities we bring (and choose not to bring) into our workplaces and the resulting impacts we have on those around us; and Energetic Responsibility, which is about our choices and purpose in what we live, across the board in our life, and therefore including at work.

As a newer Esoteric Practitioners Association member, by living to a growing degree what is in the code, I have shifted my purpose at work to be primarily about service, relationships and the quality of all of my movements and interactions in the workplace; rather than about tasks, functionality, performance and results.

The shift has been a gradual building process to this point, but at this stage I now have some clear new markers resulting from that shift, not just in terms of how I feel about my job and how it affects me, but quite surprisingly in terms of how my colleagues, my workplace and even my job itself have all changed in subtle but tangible ways.

In conclusion, to explain these transitions, there has been and is a real reciprocity happening for me at work, which I see as Energetic Integrity in action. This reciprocity is that, as I have in myself brought something harmonising, non-imposing and dare I say healing to my workplace and offered it to my colleagues, there has been a great response, even if unconsciously to this point, that I feel is an unspoken but unmistakable saying “YES” to me and what I now offer in service.

About the Author...

Peter is a new member to the Esoteric Practitioners Association currently studying Universal Medicine Therapies and has worked as a public servant for the last 26 years.

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