The Value of Engaging in Government Consultations

Public Engagement is to government as Social Responsibility is to large corporate organisations. Both aim at making government services and business activity more responsive and responsible to society as a whole. So when the government consults the public, the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) values the opportunity to be involved.

Why does the EPA value involvement in government consultations? Our membership is international and represents people from all walks of life and industries. Members are unified by a commitment to living the principles of a way of life that is founded on the virtues of being connected to one’s inner-most essence, also known as The Livingness, as contained in our Code of Ethics.

One of the key founding principles of the EPA is the responsibility inherent in true brotherhood: that we do not in truth operate as isolated individuals, industry sectors, communities or countries, and that any action we take as an individual or a group, influences not only ourselves but all around us.

This all-encompassing awareness, integrity and responsibility underlies the activity of the EPA and its members. The EPA makes a point of staying informed about current government consultations, and has been particularly active in making submissions in the area of health and social care, in addition to complementary medicine regulation, patient safety and public access to choose the health care they want.

Recent consultations have extended into government regulation of the charity sector and discussions on how an integrated health care approach can beneficially transform national health care.

Direct experience to date has shown us that the process of public consultation is often heavily tainted with a bias towards a pre-determined outcome. However, the focus of the EPA and its members is to establishing relationships with as many people as possible, and propose policy that is geared towards collaboration with all sectors that leaves no part less advanced than any other.

This can be for any organisation or individual a learning curve to move away from the usual investment in a desired outcome. Through engagement with Government consultations our EPA members have experienced much growth through a deeper understanding of the relevant challenges and opportunities within Health Care. This has also supported purposeful community engagement which builds meaningful relationships both within the EPA membership and the broader community.

From our lived experience as professionals guided by the EPA Code of Ethics and our commitment as engaged community members, we have the potential and responsibility to deliver truth that transforms current thinking on some of society’s greatest challenges.

This application aims to contribute to the current conversation but not settle for it. As such what we offer as a professional body is an awareness and understanding of the root cause of our ills (both systemic and at an individual level) and a way forward based on energetic integrity and true care.

The EPA works together to identify these opportunities. Want to be involved?

Sara Williams works as a Universal Medicine Therapies Practitioner in London, UK.

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