EPA – A Natural Extension of My Business

To me being a member of the EPA is a natural extension of my business. The values and principles held in the code of ethics are the foundation upon which my business has been built. The EPA and its Code of Ethics hold the highest integrity in every aspect that relates to business and humanity. This integrity goes far beyond our temporal world and the physical actions we do in our job. It supports one to work towards a solid foundation that upholds an extremely high level of energetic integrity.

It takes every job to another level. It is an opportunity for me to take energetic responsibility and live this, without perfection, but to the best of my ability. To see all I do as 'one life'.

And for there to be no separation in how we are living at home, shopping, family, etc. to how we are at work – taking responsibility for all movements we make and becoming aware that the quality of our movements affect all we do and those around us in every situation. For me working and upholding this level of integrity that is asked by the EPA, has flowed on to me sharing and presenting this to my employees. Not only do I train them in the practical physical sense of what is needed for the job, but also support them in living the principles of the code of ethics and bringing this to their work. By upholding this level of integrity we become a practitioner in all jobs we do, bringing a true service to humanity.

Kim is a Home Cleaner and Business Owner.

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