Redefining Work Based on Truth

Being a member of the EPA since its inception has been a very supportive and expansive choice. The EPA Code of Conduct has brought a level of care to my services I had previously not offered. I now know that how I live my life in every aspect affects everything that I offer and do in my office. There is no off switch. The idea of an off switch is what affects and caps most businesses from taking their services/products to new depths.

I have become aware of the many more levels I can take my service to.

Living knowing that each choice I make will affect the next steps I take brings a responsibility that makes working the joyful expression it can truly be. Work now has become the platform of true connection that supports us to never be ‘over it’, ‘bored’ or having to ‘switch off’.

The all too common wish for the weekend to arrive is never the topic of conversations any longer. Together with connecting with all the different people I get to work with, developing and refining a true rhythm in which to work in has been the biggest blessing.

It is a pleasure to redefine what the word ‘work’ actually means when it is lived from its truth.

Desiree Delaloye is a JP NSW; Creative Director at Design-Arts by Desiree Delaloye; Partner at Feather Light Productions; Co-Director at SunLight Ink Publishing; Member of the EPA since its inception in 2009.

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