Why am I part of the EPA?

I am not a full time practitioner in a healing or counselling clinic, in fact I have more than a full time job as a consultant and businessman, so why would I join the Esoteric Practitioner Association (EPA)?

Associations are member organisations that form for the development of a given practise and for the maintenance of the quality of that practise.

The EPA is a member organisation for people with a single and simple focus in life, Energetic Integrity.

Energetic integrity holds that all of what we do, comes from and requires an energy of some kind, regardless of our field of endeavour. A plasterer can render a wall with anger or joy, and the end result will be affected by that choice. This is the same for doctors, teachers, parents, cleaners, artists, mechanics etc. The way we live, affects the quality of what we do, it even affects the quality of how we think.

As such, any exploration of quality in any field of endeavour starts in the quality (integrity) of energy we use. This is why I am a member of the EPA, because I have come to see this as my most fundamental responsibility in life.

The EPA Code of Ethics is not just a commitment to eating/doing certain things, but rather it is a guideline to how one might begin to live with energetic integrity.

By being a member, I join with people from all walks of life and all manner of professions and pastimes to learn from each other, to develop our ‘practise’ and to share some of the remarkable changes that occur both personally and professionally when the energetic quality of what we do, becomes an equal focus to the practical quality.

I am a member of the EPA, because I am interested in contributing to a world that brings greater energetic integrity to all that is done, regardless of what or how it is done.

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