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Living Professional Integrity in Dentistry

May 26, 2018

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Commitment to the EPA - All as One in Life


Committing to membership of the Esoteric Practitioner’s Association is not the same as to any other organisation that I have ever joined, and this is due to the content and quality of the Code of Ethics and Conduct it has as its founding tenets. No other Code of Ethics that I have ever witnessed, and I would pose that actually exists, asks the member to take the level of responsibility herewith described.


This level of responsibility is no more and no less than living a loving life with ourselves, and with all others – equally so, to the best of our ability at the time. This may sound simple and self-evident that this is the way life is and should be lived, but it is not the case the world over, nor in professions across the globe.


In the case of the medical profession, it is certainly not a requirement to take the same level of deep care for oneself, as it is expected that you pour forth for those that you see on a daily basis. It may be encouraged in pockets, but by and large the mentality is in fact the opposite, and in many ways it is actively encouraged to not care for yourself, as there are those in need around you. This sets up a paradigm whereby the medical profession is essentially in tatters.


Virtually no training program or discipline is free from bullying or abuse, and the education systems feeding them are equally not taking the care that is required in ensuring those entering these programs are able to do so. The medical profession is exhausted and a paradigm shift is required.


From observing all I have in the current medical professions, I know there is a different way to be and to build our systems as doctors. This first needs to come from a place of true deep love for ourselves and then all others. It is our responsibility to do so.


As a member of the Esoteric Practitioners Association, I commit to taking this responsibility and see the utmost importance in the way I live my whole life as an expression of this love for all. This does not get turned ‘on’ when I’m performing in a role as doctor, nor turned off when I walk out my office door. Each step walked further towards seeing work and the rest of life as one – with no separation, brings less and less exhaustion and more joy to each interaction, no matter how complex.


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