Desiree Delaloye

Profession: Graphic Design, Illustration, Product and Web Design

Qualifications/Experience: Visual artist with over 25 to 30 years' applied experience

Location: Goonellabah

Why I joined the EPA?

Being a member of the EPA since its inception has been a very supportive and expansive choice for myself and the unfolding of my businesses. The EPA Code of Conduct introduced a level of integrity to my services I had previously not lived. My clientele in return welcomes the exceptional care and detail I bring to every job small or large. 


Dianne Trussell

Profession: Science Educator

Qualifications/Experience: BSc Hons

Location: Goonellabah

Why I joined the EPA?

To support the understanding that healing is not just confined to health modalities but includes the way we live in every occupation, and that all occupations can be lived with energetic integrity and responsibility.


Gayle Cue

Profession: Airbnb Host and other Home Stays

Qualifications/Experience: 3 years hosting Australian & International travellers

Location: Goonellabah

Why I joined the EPA?

The first time I attended an EPA conference, I knew that I wanted to be involved. I wanted to know more. I wanted to associate with people who were able to explore what healing looks like without being restricted by a closed mind or outdated set of standards that did not allow for questions. When I read the Code of Ethics, I knew this was the way that I wanted to live my life. 


Nicola Lessing

Profession: Owner of Travel Bay

Location: Goonellabah

What being a 'Practitioner of Life' means to me?

As a practitioner of life I understand that we are all forever evolving and developing. I also understand that everything we do, say, think and all our movements have an effect on not just us, but everyone else. With this awareness and the choice for that effect to be a beneficial one, comes a great deal of purpose, responsibility and joy. 


Additional EPA membership: Professional Practitioner Member of Universal Medicine Therapies

Sarah Davis

Profession: Youth Facilitator, Conference Coordinator, Community Development 

Qualifications/Experience: BBSc, Grad Dip Applied Psychology

Location: Goonellabah

Why I joined the EPA?

To reflect and deeply support my commitment to bring a foundation of love, truth and integrity to all areas of my working, personal and community life.

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