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In this edition we overview the recent Australian EPA Annual Conference held on 10th July 2016.


At a glance we have: 
•    Being a ‘Practitioner of Life’ in the corporate arena
•    EPA member activity in the community: events and presentations
•    An overview of the State of Health today
•    Invitation for members to the 2016 UK EPA Conference 

Being a ‘Practitioner of Life’ – Presented by Marika Cominos


Do we appreciate the everyday healing experiences and reflections that we bring to our workplaces and everyday living? This is not based on what we do or what we achieve but the quality that we live that we then bring to work.

If we are choosing to live from a connection to our stillness and we are expressing with truth and love regardless of the reactions happening around us, then we naturally are practitioners of life and offer great healing to people and situations. It shows that there is another way to be and creates a platform for others to connect to the truth of who they are. An inspiring and steady reflection shows others that they do not have to live in an emotional state that then depletes the body causing illness and disease.

Breaking the Mould – The Consciousness of Corporate Culture
When we walk into workplaces or any group constellation we are walking into a ‘Group Consciousness’ – a moulded way of thinking and relating that, typically, in workplaces is setup to limit opportunities of true expression. True expression is not just what we verbally express, but incorporates the quality of our movements and presence.

By not living in our true expression we create a work environment that has limited evolution and growth for people as we lack true equality and brotherhood. What often follows is bullying, fear, corruption, and giving one’s power away in fear of losing one’s job – not exactly an enjoyable or inspiring environment to be in and yet we are surrounded by this.

The antidote to this is not through a fight but an appreciation of the quality that we can bring to the workplace - living as a practitioner of life we offer great healing to all just by being our natural selves – no massage table needed!

Case Studies

Case studies provide invaluable information, they document our lived experience and are a way to capture and record what is happening for people as a result of the Universal Medicine Therapies and lifestyle changes.  The EPA has a dedicated team documenting case studies. 

If you’re interested in developing case studies, please contact practitionercasescsi@gmail.com for practitioners wanting support with note taking and documenting client case studies.

If you would like to document your own healing experience with the Universal Medicine Therapies and subsequent lifestyle changes experienced and would like support in documenting your findings in the form of a case study, please contact studentcasescsi@gmail.com

EPA member activity in the community: Events and Presentations

Over the past few years, EPA members have put together world-class wellbeing events and presentations within many different industries. These include:

  • Life is medicine events – Sydney 

  • Redefining Health and Wellbeing: Your Body Your Life (Brisbane)

  • Wellbeing Days – days specifically tailored to focus on wellbeing and providing body treatments, presentations and discussions covering various aspects of overall wellbeing.

  • Wellbeing presentations

  • Wellbeing for women (offered internationally)

If you are interested in further details about these events or to enquire about having a wellbeing day in your organisation, please contact the EPA office office.au@epa-international.com – they have a register of presenters and coordinators worldwide.

Redefining Health and Wellbeing: Your Body Your Life - Brisbane

Life is Medicine events - Sydney

State of Health Today
 – Presented by Rachel Hall

How can we as a society consider ourselves to be well when 95% of the world’s population is ill? With so many of our poor health conditions being attributed to lifestyle, is it not time to stop, review and ask what is not working and from there make a change? Changes that could reduce the burden of ill health on society, improve productivity, increase lifespans and more importantly improve the quality of life.

Introducing the 2016 UK EPA Conference

‘Living an Ethical Life – Living One Quality Everywhere’


Date: 10am – 3pm, Sunday, 11th September 2016
Venue: Conference Hall – Sound Foundation Training Centre, Tytherington, Frome, Somerset, UK 
Conference Fee: no charge

A Developmental Conference for ALL EPA Members

This year’s Conference theme focuses on the EPA Code of Ethics and it’s place in the lives of EPA members. The Conference will be an opportunity to explore the impact of committing this quality of living and the opportunities to expand on the responsibility to live and express this as a one quality across all areas of our lives.

Key areas to be discussed at the conference will be: the personal, work (all sectors, including practitioners of the UM therapies), EPA activity in Complementary Medicine regulation UK and EU wide, and EPA member volunteer activity in public events.

We strongly encourage all EPA members to attend, as these annual conferences are developmental opportunities for all EPA members of all categories.


To register your attendance or for more information please email the EPA UK/EU Office: 


When enrolling, please include your EPA membership number. 

We very much look forward to sharing this developmental conference with you.


Letters/Emails to the Editor


We would love to hear from you about your experience and observations on any topic that is relevant to health, wellbeing and building supportive relationships both from a professional and general perspective. 

Please email your submissions to the editorial team at epanewsletters@gmail.com


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