EPA Code of Ethics and Conduct //

To make the conscious choice by one’s own free will to join the EPA, a member is making a public claim to their esoteric commitment and to the service for all, for that is the esoteric way. By making an announced choice to abide by the Code of Ethics and Conduct effectively means that a joining member/practitioner is making a conscious choice, of their own free will, to align with the esoteric principles of Love, Energetic Integrity, Energetic Responsibility etc, and, as best they can, the Esoteric Way of Life in whole and not just in part. 


The EPA is a body of expression that is there for the development of its members and its practitioners for the sole purpose of the development of all equally.

At no time is a member asked to be perfect in all esoteric ways, for we are all unfolding students at varying degrees. However, a member, and in particular a practising practitioner of the Esoteric Healing Arts, is expected to apply a consistent dedication, to the best of their conscious ability in all ways of the esoteric life in full, for they have chosen the path that brings such love to those in need.

With this commitment, all EPA Members are dedicated to providing a true service in all professional expressions - no matter what the profession or the practice, any service comes with a lived quality of care that can only be delivered by living that care for oneself first... "walk your talk" as the EPA members say.


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