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Who are the EPA Members?

The EPA is comprised of an international Membership of people who either join the EPA as Practitioners of the Universal Medicine Therapies in recognition of the Association’s utmost integrity in the arena of complementary therapies, or, who join as Professional Members who are committed equally in their ethos and integrity with which they work to bring forth the principles that the EPA is founded upon into their varying occupations and industries.


As a result of the benefits that people experience of our EPA Members as practitioners and or in their varying professions, the EPA also includes its Associate Members whom are inspired to be a part of and support an association that delivers a way of true healing, equal care and integrity in service.

The Principles of the EPA

The esoteric simply means that which comes from our inner-most - a quality that we all carry equally deep within. When expressed, the inner-most becomes a livingness of love that restores each and every person back into the rhythms of their inner-harmony and thus from there, the love is lived with all others.


With this foundational principle, the EPA represents a way of professional conduct that is unquestionably compliant to every law, regulation and safe-practicing method at minimum - however, at its core is a focus not solely on the service that is provided but the quality in which it is delivered by the choices of how we live in all that we do.


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